Harcourt welcomes UB40 to Carlisle Bay

Harcourt recently hosted UB40 band members Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue and the Virgin Holidays film crew at Carlisle Bay when they were in Antigua making a new music video for their top ten hit 'Come Back Darling' to encourage tourists to 'come back' to the Caribbean following a concerted recovery effort after the impact of Hurricane Irma.

Ali Campbell, UB40 frontman, commented:  "Our music is inspired by the beautiful Caribbean islands and, of course, it has always been close to our hearts.  Putting a whole new meaning to the lyrics of 'Come Back Darling' has been a brilliant experience - and we hope it lands the message amongst the Great British public that Caribbean locals really do want them to 'come back'. "

Henry Charles Fernandez, the Minister for Tourism for Antigua and Barbuda, added:  "As always, we're proud to showcase our beautiful corner of the world and have one simple message for the British public - 'Come Back, Darling'.  We would like to thank UB40 for visiting Antigua, and we look forward to welcoming more UK visitors in 2018."